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MOC3023 Zero-Crossing Triac Driver Optoisolators DIP

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Output Device:     PhotoTriac     
Isolation Voltage:     5250 Vrms     
Peak Output Voltage (Vdrm):    400 V     
Maximum Input Voltage:     1.5 V     
Maximum Output Voltage:     420 VAC     
Minimum Trigger Current:     3 mA     
Packaging:     Bulk     
Configuration:     1 Channel     
Maximum Input Current:     50 mA     
Maximum Operating Temperature:     + 85 C     
Maximum Power Dissipation:     250 mW     
Maximum Reverse Diode Voltage:     6 V     
Minimum Operating Temperature:     - 40 C     
Output Type:     AC     
Package / Case:     PDIP-6     
Factory Pack Quantity:     1000     
Typical Input Voltage:     1.3 V     
Zero-Crossing Circuit:     Yes     
Zero-Crossing Voltage:     20 V


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