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EDL LCD Adapter Arduino Shield (TFT01, ITDB02 Compatible) [UNO]

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Product Description

The LCD module is work in 3.3V voltage level and it’s not compatible with Arduino pins , so we make a shield for Arduino. Now user can directly plug the TFT01 in the shield and stand on the Arduino board.

EDL UNO shield only support EDL 2.4” TFT LCD with aruino UNO, and EDL MEGA shield support all the LCD size from 3.2” to 7.0” with Arduino Mega.


  • Do the 5V to 3.3V Logic TTL communication, V2.0 version improved this with 74hc541 logic converter ICs instead of 10K resistors in the V1.4
  • The EDL UNO shield support ONLY 8 bit mode since from V2.0
  • The EDL MEGA shield support 16 Bits communication mode



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