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MSP430F169 Development Board with on-board programmer

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Product Overview

MSP430f449 mini development board provides easy way for developing and prototyping with the new MSP430F449 ultralow-power, microcontroller produced by Texas Instruments.MSP430f449 mini development board has JTAG port for programming and debugging, 1 status Led, 1 on-board BSL programmer allowing you program the MSP430F449 chip very easily,and all of the GPIOs are taken out to make them available for further connections.

Tools Requirement

You can directly use the ON-BOARD programmer to progam the MSP430f449 chip.

One JTAG header is available, supporting independent debug environments and an MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool (MSP-FET430UIF) is required to debug the MSP430f449 if you want to debug the chip.  The MSP430f449 uses the standard 4-wire JTAG connection allowing all port pins to be used during debug.

Board Features

- CPU: MSP430F449 microcontroller

- JTAG connector

- 32768 Hz crystal oscillator

- 8MHz crystal oscillator

- Power on Led

-Power switch

-User led display

-ON-BOARD BSL programmer

- PCB, 1.6 mm , green solder mask, white silkscreen component print .

- Dimensions: 90mmx60mm


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