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The TDA7250 stereo audio driver is designed to drive two pair of complementary output transistor in the Hi-Fi power amplifiers


Automatic Quiescent Current Control for the Power Transistors without Temperature Sense Elements  
Very Low Distortion 
Overload Current Protection for Power Transistors 
Mute/Stand-By Function

Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range: 20V to 90V (+/-10V to +/-45V)
Maximum Power Dissipation: 1.4W  
Mounting Style: Through Hole (DIL)
Package / Case: DIP20 
THD plus Noise: 0.004 % (Po =40W @ 1KHz , Gv 26dB)
Open Loop Gain: 90dB
Slew Rate: 10V/us 
Storage and Junction Temperature: -40C to +150C
Output Power to 8Ohm Load: 60W (Vs +/-35V) 
Output Power to 4Ohm Load: 100W (Vs +/-35V) 
Output Voltage Swing: 60Vpp 
Output Current: +/-5mA


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