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Raykha S8 - TCRT5000 based 8 channel IR Reflective Sensor Array

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TCRT5000 based 8 channel Reflective Sensor Array


Raykha S8 comprises 8 units of  TCRT5000 (Reflective Optical Sensor IR LED/phototransistor) pairs mounted on a 10mm pitch, This arrangement makes a it a great detector for  line-following robots.  Each sensor is having its own Digital I/O measurable output , variable voltage analog output and an indication LED.


  • Model : Raykha S8
  • IR sensor : TCRT5000
  • Indication : Red SMD LEDs x 8
  • Channels : 8
  • Pitch : 10mm
  • Supply voltage : 5V DC
  • Supply current : 200mA max
  • Digital Outputs : 8
  • Analog Outputs : 8
  • PCB Size : 78.00mm x 25.00mm

Top View

Bottom View

Functional Description

Raykha Reflective sensor array is intended as a line sensor, but it can also be used as a general-purpose proximity or reflective sensor. To work with the Module following procedure to be followed.

  1. Mount the sensor module
  2. Provide power (5V DC)
  3. Adjust the preset for the color variation

Package includes

  • 1 Unit of Raykha S8
  • Right angle male header
  • Straight male header


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