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Aptinex Advanced Development Board for Microchip PIC16F & 18F 40 pin Microcontrollers Rev.5

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PIC Microcontrollers has always been the best friend of not only hobbyists but also many embedded system developers since many years. This Aptinex product will be a great tool for building & testing any project with PIC microcontrollers quickly and easily. The board provides the basic functionality for 40 pin PIC microcontrollers & with the ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programing) capability,(which is available in Aptinex USB Programmer for PIC microcontrollers) your code can be easily downloaded to the microcontroller while it is still on the board.


  • High Quality dual layered PCB with SMD components
  • 40 Pin ZIF socket for easy insertion of Microcontrollers
  • 8 SMD LEDs
  • 4x4 Keypad
  • DS1307 Real Time clock IC with battery holder
  • DS18B20 Temparature sensor 
  • On Board Buzzer 
  • On Board 24C08 EEPROM
  • 2 x FDS9945 FETs for driving internal/external power for connected loads
  • IR sensor
  • 4 x Seven segments
  • MicroSD Card Slot 
  • 2 x Variable 0-5V for Potentiometer for testing Analog to Digital feature
  • 16x2 Blue Character LCD Module with Separate Brightness Control
  • RS232 Connectivity with max3232 
  • USB Connectivity for USB enabled microcontrollers
  • On board 5V regulated  power suuply using LM2596 
  • On board power connections for external modules
  • On board socket to insert variable Oscilators
  • All ports on linear 8 Pin female headers

Detailed Diagram 

Package includes

  • Aptinex PIC Development Board
  • Crystal oscilator pack (4MHz,8MHz,20MHz)
  • Micro jumpers for configuration 


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