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HDS10 Dew Point Condensation Sensor

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HDS10 small pieces dew condensation sensor dew point sensor 94-100% RH DC 0.8MAX



HDS10 condensation sensor is switching element is characteristic of low humidity and humidity are not only sensitive and sensitive work in the DC voltage, stable quality, reliability and reach the international advanced level. Fast response, strong anti-pollution, DC voltage, high reliability, good stability, high humidity environment with a high sensitivity. For electronic, pharmaceutical, food, storage, tobacco, textiles, weather and other industries. Temperature and humidity table, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, microwave ovens and other products.


 Humid environment with high sensitivity

 Off function

 DC voltage

 Fast response

 Strong anti - pollution

 High reliability, good stability


Maximum operating voltage: DC 0.8V Max

Operating temperature range: +1 ~ 80

Humidity range: A ~ 100% RH

Condensation test range: 94 ~ 100% RH


Cleaning conditions: Do not use solvents to graze the available cotton swab in water vapor.

Install the sensor good contact to ensure that its sensitivity.

Preferable to pure water detection sensor parameters.

Avoid a long time the sensor is placed in the water vapor above 60 .

Storage conditions: -20 to 60 ° C


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