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RFID Key IC Tag - A 13.56MHz

Rs 50.00
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Description :

Water and dust proof and anti shock

Printing: Available with logo silk printing, ID number or serial number printing

Resonance Frequency : 13.56MHZ

Memory : 8K Bit EEPROM memory

Communication Rate : 106 KBPS

Working distance : 10 cm

32 Bit serial number

Operating temp.range: -20℃- 50℃

Parameter :

1、Capacity of 8Kbit EEPROM

2、Divided into 16 sectors, with each sector composed of 4 blocks. Each block is 16 bytes and serves as minimum data unite.

3、Each sector has a separate set of passwords and access control

4、Each card has a unique 32-bit serial number

5、With anti-collision mechanism, it can support multiple card operation

6、No power, with build-in antenna, and contains logic circuit for encryption control and

7、Data retention period is 10 years, and can be rewritten 100,000 times, with unlimited reading time

8、Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ (humidity 90%)

9、Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ

10、Communication speed: 106 Kbps

11、Read and write distance: <10 cm (depend on the reader)

Composition :

The electrical parts consist of an antenna and ASIC.

Antenna: made of winding coils, suitable for packaging in IS0 card.

ASIC: composed of a high-speed (106KB baud rate) RF interface, a control unit and a 8Kbit EEPROM.

Main Application :

Access control、attendance control、identification、logistic、industrial automation、skating、tickets、casino token、membership、public transportation、e-payment、animal tracking、multi-purpose-card system、catering、swimming pool、laundry、massage center、recreation center


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