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CC1101 RS232 Wireless Transceiver Module with Rod Antenna

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Use hign perfomance CC1101 wireless communication chip from TI, 433mhz free ISM RF band which is free to use, serial port, program your application easily and instantly, with over 256 channels, low power consumption, transfer distance can be over 200 meters, this modules are widely use in wireless data collection, industrial remote control, LED display update, etc.


  • Low power consumption, highest send power consumption is 10mW.
  • Working power at 5V, direct DC, compatible in industrial environment.
  • Work on 433 MHz free ISM RF band, no need lisence.
  • High anti interfere and low ratio of mistakes of code transfer, based on FSK modulation, use efficiency anti-mistake and channel code technology,
  • Improve capablity that able to anti random interfere, when the channel mistakes at 10-2 the real mistakes are at 10-5 ~ 10-6.
  • Support transparent data communication and DL/645 rule.
  • Most 256 program channels (20M band). 7. Use TTL PWL UART Jack, directly connect to singlechip. 8. Use professional single chip module design, lower user cost. 9. Large data buffer area. 10. Smart data control, less programming code needs. 11.This module is combine with high performance sliver-coverd antenna, cost-efficiency. 12. Communication distance. in the condition of direct eyesight, anntenna placed over two meters high, 9600bps transfer distance over 200 meters.

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