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Programmable Low-power FM Stereo Radio Module TEA5767

Rs 250.00
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1.  Features:
World Channel, the frequency range from 76-108MHZ automatic digital tuning.High sensitivity, high stability, low noise, low power consumption.
Radio modules, radio modules, ultra-small size.

2. Product Applications:
Radio modules are widely used in consumer electronic audio-visual products,home appliances and so on. For example, MP3 PLAYER, MD,CD/MP3, PLAYER, 

PORTABL VCD / DVD, MOBILE PHONE,PDA,electronic dictionary, digital refrigerator, car audio.


1.Built-in Philips TEA5767 FM IC.
2.High sensitivity with integrated low-noise RF input amplifier.
3.Frequency range: 76 Mhz-108 Mhz.
4.Suitable for handheld applications.
5.Built in 32.768khz clock crystal.
6.Radio modules are widely used in consumer electronic audio-visual products,For example, MP3 PLAYER, MD, CD/MP3, PLAYER,PORTABL VCD / DVD, MOBILE PHONE, PDA, electronic dictionary,digital refrigerator, car audio.

7.Dimension: 11.2x 11mm.


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