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BME280 Pressure Huminity Temperature Sensor

Rs 800.00
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BME280 Pressure Huminity Temperature Sensor


Product Description

Measure the pressure, huminity and temperature in a super mini size.


  • Operation Voltage: 5V
  • IIC & I2C Communications Interface
  • Temp Range: -40C to 85C
  • Humidity Range: 0 – 100% RH, =-3% from 20-80%
  • Pressure Range: 30,000Pa to 110,000Pa, relative accuracy of 12Pa, absolute accuracy of 100Pa (1hPa)
  • Altitude Range: 0 to 30,000 ft (9.2 km), relative accuracy of 3.3 ft (1 m) at sea level, 6.6 (2 m) at 30,000 ft.
  • Incredibly Small size
  • Pull up/down resistor on IIC pins and other two CSB, CLK pins


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