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A3144 A3144E OH3144E Hall Effect Sensor

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A3144E Hall Sensor----Hall switch IC application Hall-effect principle, the use of technology to produce the magnetic semiconductor integrated circuit, which is the voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger , temperature compensation circuit and open-collector output stage the composition of the magnetic sensor circuit, the input for the magnetic flux density, the output is a digital voltage signal.

Small size, high sensitivity, fast response, temperature performance, high accuracy, high reliability

Absolute Maximum Ratings (25 *C)

Power supply voltage VCC ·························· 24V
Output reverse breakdown voltage Vce ··················· 50V
Output low current IOL ··················· 50mA
Operating ambient temperature TA ·············· E file: -20 ~ 85 *C, L Ref: -40 ~ 150*C
Storage temperature range TS ········- 65 ~ 150*C

Non-contact switch, car ignition, brake circuit, position, speed detection and control, security alarm devices, textile control system



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