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Aptinex 8 Channel Relay Module 10A 5VDC

Rs 1,200.00
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Aptinex Relay modules allows you to interface real world Electronic/Electric products with your microcontroller applications. You can use Arduino, PIC,ST Microcontroller or any other 5v Microcontrollers as per your preference. 


- Operating voltage 5V
- With fixed bolt hole for easy installation
- Small board PCB size: 13.5cm * 3.5cm
- Power indicator : RED LED (805)
- Relay Indicators : GREEN LED (805) 

- VCC:: 5V

Connecting with Arduino Uno

*********//Module Designed and Manufactured by Aptinex (Pvt) LTD//***********
****************//Use this code only for Testing purposes//******************

#define RLY_1 9
#define RLY_2 8
#define RLY_3 7
#define RLY_4 6
#define RLY_5 5
#define RLY_6 4
#define RLY_7 3
#define RLY_8 2
int count = 0;
int pinArray[8] = {RLY_1, RLY_2, RLY_3, RLY_4, RLY_5, RLY_6, RLY_7, RLY_8,};

void setup() {
for (count = 0; count < 8; count++) {
pinMode(pinArray[count], OUTPUT);


void loop() {
for (count=0;count<8;count++) {
digitalWrite(pinArray[count], HIGH);


for (count=7;count>=0;count--) {
digitalWrite(pinArray[count], LOW);



Note : All APTINEX Products comes with a service warrenty of 6 months from the date of purchase


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