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A2212 2200KV Brushless DC Motor

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A2212 2200KV Brushless Outrunner Motor for RC Multi Quadcopter


Specification of A2212 KV2200 Brushless Motor:

Shape Size:27.8×27mm

Output diameter of axle:3.17mm

Accessories:Motor,Cross, The bullet, complete set screw

Testing Data:

Our 5043 OARS, 11 v 21.1 A, 18800 turn, 10 v 19.1 A, 17600 turn (400-650 grams of level, high speed flying wing push back like A real machine configuration 3 s 15-20 c 1500-2000 mah) GWS8040HD oar, 8 v 21.5 A, 11970 turn, 7 v 17.8 A, 10950 turn


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