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Dagaya 2.0 - VNH5019 Based Dual Motor Driver

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VNH5019 Based Dual Motor Driver (12A Max per Channel) for Brushed Motors


Dagaya 2.0 makes it easy to control two bidirectional, high-power, brushed DC motors with any microcontroller or any other development board. The board includes 2 robust VNH5019 motor drivers from ST(VNH5019A-E datasheet), which is operating from 5.5 to 24 V and having the capability to deliver a continuous 12 A (30 A peak) per channel. The VHN5019A-E is a full bridge motor driver intended for a wide range of automotive applications. The device incorporates a dual monolithic high-side drivers and two low-side switches. The high-side driver switch is designed using STMicroelectronics’ well known and proven proprietary VIPower® M0 technology that allows to efficiently integrate on the same die a true Features 
  • PCB Size : 60 mm x 58 mm
  • Wide range of operational voltage : 5.5V – 24 V
  • High output current : up to 12 A continuous (30 A maximum) per Channel
  • Its is possible to combine the Outputs to a single channel to deliver up to 24 A continuous (60 A Maximum) to a single motor.
  • Inputs : Both 5V and 3.3V Supported (logic high threshold : 2.1 V)
  • PWM operation frequency :  up to 20 kHz,
  • Current sense voltage output : approx. 140 mV/A ( proportional to motor current )
  • Can be used with any microcontroller or other platform (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC Microcontrollers Etc)
  • Reverse-voltage protection :  to -16 V
  • Robust drivers
  • Can survive input voltages up to 41 V
  • Under voltage and over voltage shutdown
  • High-side and low-side thermal shutdown
  • Short-to-ground and short-to-Vcc protection
  • Cross-conduction protection
  • Charge pump output for reverse polarity protection

General Pin Diagram and basic connection diagram

Connection Diagram for bridging connections (Combining the two channels in to one) for driving higher loads

Interfacing with Arduino Uno


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