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Arduino Compatible Shield Bot

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- Easy to start - The Shieldbot is plug and play and can be running out of the box in minutes
- Expandable for imagination - solderless grove expansion ports enable easy attachment of more sensors and actuators, and shield headers allow the use of additional - Arduino shields
- Open source - Its designed to be hacked, adapted and transformed into whatever you want it to be!
- Arduino Based - the Shieldbot is an Arduino shield, so the extensive Arduino community and shield ecosystem can be used for endless expansion!
- Charging efficiency - Can quickly fully charged, And has a high efficienty.


- 5x IR reflectance sensors for line and edge following
- 900 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
- Two durable 160:1 micro metal gearmotors
- 6x Grove expansion ports
- Stackable shield headers


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