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Aptinex ESP8266 IOT WIFI 4 Channel Relay Module

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Aptinex IOT 4 channel relay module is the first IOT related device manufactured by Aptinex along with many other oncoming IOT devices. The main objective of Team Aptinex in designing this was to ease the controlling applications related to smart home ,lighting etc. This unit is based on famous wifi module ESP8266 and is having a pre-flashed firmware plus a user interface for controlling relays and changing settings.

If needed, instead of using already flashed firmware,custom made firmware can also be programmed.

Detailed diagram

IOT 4CH Relay_Module_SVG.png


  • Wifi module : ESP8266 - ESP12F

  • Supply voltage : 5V

  • Relays

    • Number of Relays : 4

    • Manufacturer - Songle

    • Coil Voltage : 5V

    • Contact Ratings : 10A/250VAC

  • Associated GPIOS with the relays (Relays to ESP8266 GPIOs mapping)

    • Relay 1 (K12) : GPIO 12

    • Relay 2 (K13): GPIO 13

    • Relay 3 (K14): GPIO 14

    • Relay 4 (K15): GPIO 15

  • Associated GPIOs with the switches (Switches to ESP8266 GPIO Mapping )

    • SW2/L1 - GPIO 16

  • Modes of operation : 2

    • Access Point mode (AP Mode)

      • Default mode

      • ESP8266 acts like an access point and devices can connect to it.

      • Initial IP: (Can be changed from Settings page)

      • Password : No Password ( Blank)


    • Station Mode (ST Mode)

      • ESP8266 acts like a device and will connect to an Access point

      • Initial IP: (Can be changed from Settings page)

  • Modes of relay controlling - 2

    • Using the inbuilt web UI (Can be accessed via

    • Manually Passing commands via URL                   


  • Smart home applications

  • Industrial Automation

  • IOT based controlling application

  • Lighting Controlling applications


Config Diagram

Wiring Diagram


• Home Automation
• Industrial IOT Applications
• Lighting Controls


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